VOOZ Hydration Sensation — 12 Pack (16oz)

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Experience the sensation of VOOZ, the new industry standard in sports hydration. Treat your thirst to a unique new drink infused with electrolytes and ketones! 

Powered by zinc and other immune-boosting properties, VOOZ helps you replenish and rehydrate at any moment of your day. 

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Weight 210 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 6 in
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Blackberry Blitz, Bliss Kissed, Blue Razz, Raging Raspberry Hibiscus, Strawberry Limoncello, Wyldin' Watermelon

38 reviews for VOOZ Hydration Sensation — 12 Pack (16oz)

  1. alicia rodgers

    absolutely love that this works with my keto lifestyle! tastes amazing!

  2. Teresa

    It is a really good drink

  3. Ryan

    The taste profile was very smooth for the four flavors I have tried, I look forward to being able to buy this in my local gas stations when they decide to stock this.

  4. Kamy Reese

    I have tried the Blue Razz Vooz and it’s so refreshing! The flavor is still just as great!

  5. Mike McLaughlin

    Blue Razz tastes great, without being too sweet. Easy, quick, and no carb way to hydrate throughout my day, without the caffeine.

  6. Moth

    Got the drink on impulse while buying energy drinks. I was initially disappointed to see I wasnt carbonated, which is just usually preferred for me, but immediately changed my mind on tasting it. Amazing flavor, no weird aftertaste, incredibly hydrating. In general, I don’t think I’ve ever liked a drink from a can that wasn’t carbonated, but this is definitely a game changer for me.


  7. Becca

    I havent tried these yet. Just wondering if you can drink them while breastfeeding?

  8. Cizzy

    I’m in love with this drink but I can’t find it anywhere in stock! I’ve been looking for something since I’m diabetic with no sugar no carbs and this is it! I work in the heat outside all day and it helps a lot!

    • Bang Energy Customer Service (verified owner)

      Hello Cizzy,

      Thank you for being a true fan of our products! VOOZ™ Hydration Sensation™ can be found at Kroger stores as well as on http://www.bangenergy.com!

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