VOOZ Hydration Sensation — 12 Pack (16oz)

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Experience the sensation of VOOZ, the new industry standard in sports hydration. Treat your thirst to a unique new drink infused with electrolytes and ketones! 

Powered by zinc and other immune-boosting properties, VOOZ helps you replenish and rehydrate at any moment of your day. 

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Weight 210 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 6 in
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Blackberry Blitz, Bliss Kissed, Blue Razz, Raging Raspberry Hibiscus, Strawberry Limoncello, Wyldin' Watermelon

38 reviews for VOOZ Hydration Sensation — 12 Pack (16oz)

  1. Greg Johnson

    Finally – a healthy, low-cal drink without caffeine that replenishes electrolytes and other nutrients! I love it!

  2. Peggy G.

    Found it at Fred Meyers in Eugene, Oregon. Bought one of each of the 3 flavors they had at the time, I only like 2 out of the 3 I bought on January 4, 2022: The blue razz and the raging raspberry hibiscus. I really didn’t care for the Wyldin Watermelon. My other half went back to the store yesterday and bought the 2 I liked, and the blackberry blitz, which we like, too. I like it better than the polar water I drink, and I love it better than soda and other sugary drinks. Can you guys make one with orange in it or cherry please?


    • Bang Energy Customer Service (verified owner)

      Hello Peggy,

      Thank you for being a true fan of our products and for leaving us the feedback for our new VOOZ™ Hydration Sensation™!

      We really appreciate your input and will forward along your ideas to the appropriate department. Here at Bang® Energy, we are constantly innovating for new products and flavors that will fit everyone’s unique tastes. Stay tuned for future product releases and flavor launches!


  3. Peggy G.

    My other half bought 3 12-packs of the 3 we like the best. Definitely will be buying more.

  4. Debbie Huston

    There’s no caffeine- they’re really good!

  5. Debbie Huston

    Luv the Vooz! I like that there is no caffeine.

  6. Kevin

    I got it from Kroger today and I love it I am going to go back tm it is so good pl sponsor me I Love it so much

    • Bang Energy Customer Service (verified owner)

      Hello Kevin,

      Thank you for being a true fan of our products!

      If you would like to become a Bang Energy Ambassador, please send an email to [email protected] and be sure to include your social media handles and make sure that they are set to a public profile. We would be more than happy to look it over.

      Thank you!


  7. Paul H

    First time trying Vooz. I picked the blue razz flavor. I’m very relieved that it does NOT contain aspartame, or any of the other artificial sweeteners. All that said, though, it’s one of those things that will have to become an acquired taste for me. I gave three stars due to being new to the product.

  8. Zach Johnson

    VOOZ is outstanding. Hydrating. Tastes great. This is no Gatorade people. This is the future. Best post run/post lift beverage on the market.

  9. Mandy Darby

    All four of these flavors are BANGIN’! They are very good and not too sweet. Great for replacing my other hydration drinks.

  10. Candice

    Can’t beat the science, VOOZ and its power of osmosis will keep you hydrated while on the grind. HYDRATE OR DIE-DRATE

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