Women’s Bang Fleece Leggings

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Product Description

Bang Fleece Leggings are Your Go-To Style and Function Piece  

School workyour boss, friends, and your love lifeall seem to come at you like a runaway train and keeping up with your style gets lost somewhere between laundry day and “feeling cute, might delete later.” Whogot the timeenergy, or desire to swop outfits all day when coming and going from the gym to class and off to work without trying to look like you’re ready to break the world’s weightlifting record?! Definitely not you.  

So what do you do? Try to look cute or try to be efficient with your wardrobe selection? Do you dress the part and tap into your inner world-champion lifter when you’re just trying to get your to-do list done before hitting the weights? Bang fleece leggings are the solution to your outfit dilemma. You need a look that says fit and fun, and our leggings are exactly what you need to go from the library to the Pilates studio and still look your best all along the way.

Bang Fleece Leggings are Here to Stay 

Right about now you’re probably wondering where you can find these leggings that will get you from one end of your day and all the way through to the other and still keep you looking ready to take on every next adventure. Here – that’s where! Our Bang fleece leggings offer: 

  • A soft, comfortable feel for all-day wear 
  • A fitted, snug fit that shows off every curve 
  • Fun colored designs that help you create a unique look  

 The next time you’re heading out in a hurry, make the most of your precious time and add to your style by creating the ultimate OOTD that brings together comfort and cool with our Bang fleece leggings that do that and then some.  

Women’s Bottoms Size Chart

Product Details
Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in

X-Small, Small, Medium, Large


Bangster Berry, Rainbow Unicorn





1 review for Women’s Bang Fleece Leggings

  1. Ashley Spears

    Very nice

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