Fun-Functional NEW Energy Drink – Ketone-Infused Meltdown Energy

Fun-Functional NEW Energy Drink – Ketone-Infused Meltdown Energy

Hey girl! Big news! There’s a new energy drink in town that’s going to turn your usual caffeine crashes and sugar-soaked nightmares all the way around. It’s NEW Meltdown Energy! Haven’t heard of it? No worries, we got you. We’re spillin’ the tea on all the good stuff packed into each and every can! We know that bangin’ body of yours has been craving something new and we are definitely here to deliver!  

What is Meltdown Energy? 

You’re probably thinking, “Great… here comes another energy drink that’ll pump me full of mystery ingredients and big promises yet leave me reaching for my favorite fuzzy pink pillow as soon as the sugar high wears off.” Not at all actually…  

Meltdown Energy is the latest multi-functional innovation brought to you by the visionaries at Bang Energy. You know, the guys you already know for hyping your party scene and rockin’ every flavor category you can think of. Meltdown is on a whole other level, though. As much more than just an energy drink, it has the metabolism-boosting, immune-supporting, electrolyte-packing, and ketone-containing ingredients you probably didn’t know your body was missing. We’re talking about a total body boost here. Get ready girls, it’s about to get real.  

What’s in it? 

Ok, so let’s break it all down. Meltdown is an energy booster first and foremost, but how it’s formulated to do so is what really sets it apart. Powered by 1,250 mg of real ketones, 4th Fuel Energy Technology fuels you in the same way ketones produced by the body do when you’re on a low-carb, or ketosis, diet. This unique process, along with a powerful electrolyte complex for supreme hydration, and a hefty dose of caffeine, all come together to energize your body way more than what you’ve previously experienced.  

But that’s not all. 

In addition to this comprehensive energy boost you get in every sip, you also get immune support in the form of vitamin D3 and zinc. Let’s face it, we all need a little extra somethin’-somethin’ when it comes to boosting immunity these days.  


Meltdown is so much more than just a pretty face — it’s fun-functional and fab! That’s energy, hydration, and immune support literally all in one can. You’d have to drink three separate drinks to get all of these benefits elsewhere. Let’s be honest: that amount of liquid would just not work with your Friday night fit.  



Who is Meltdown for? 

Raise your hand if you do any of the following:

  • Sprint it out on your fav, the treadmill
  • Build that booty on the StairMaster
  • Show the boys how to lift some real weights on the squat rackChase your toddler till he decides to eat his veggies
  • Power-walk that stroller like it’s nobody’s business
  • Walk into a virtual room and take over as the hottest lady gamer in the Metaverse
  • Light up the scoreboard in an intergalactic battle for greatness

If this is you, then Meltdown Energy was formulated to make you even more of a baddie than you already are! For anyone looking to level up their active lifestyle, Meltdown is here for it! 

But wait… there’s more. 

As if energizing your bod and upgrading your hydration and immunity status wasn’t enough, there are a few other extras that make Meltdown the “it” drink.  

While so many others are all about hiding behind an icky cover of artificial colors and flavors and loading you up with sugars and carbs, Meltdown is not about that life. There are no artificial colors, flavors, sugars, OR carbs here, girl! Nothing but a healthy good time! Choose between Frosé Rosé, Mango, and Rainbow Unicorn without the gross guilt of yesterday’s filler drink.  

The next time you need a pick-me-up that’ll REALLY pick ALL of you up, head to and make it a Meltdown Energy drink because, girl, you are too fabulous to waste your time doing anything else.