The Complete Bang Energy Flavor Guide

The Complete Bang Energy Flavor Guide

All Bang Energy drinks reviewed from A to Z 

In a world full of sugary beverages, Bang Energy is blazing trails at the top of the energy drink market. Much like Vital Pharmaceuticals (VPX) is a leader in the sports nutrition industry, Bang is staking its claim as a front runner in the performance beverage category

We Make Products People Want

Carefully crafted with the highest-quality ingredients along with dozens of flavor combinations, Bang provides an energy boost for all walks of life. And while our drinks certainly pass the taste test, we place a special focus on the scientific formulation of each beverage. As our CEO, Jack Owoc says, “We don’t make people want our products; we make products people want!” 

Whether you’re active in the gym or just busy and on the go, Bang can help fuel any lifestyle. Refreshing and fun, Bang is the perfect grab-and-go energy drink any time you need a quick pick-me-up. 

All the Good. None of the Bad. 

So, what separates Bang from the rest of the competition? Unlike many other “energy drink” companies, we refuse to create another health-robbing product. Our drinks are not just another carbonated beverage with high-sugar content. In fact, you might be surprised (in a good way, of course) at what’s not mixed into the formula.  

Take a peek inside to see the main contents: 

EAAs? Check! 

Essential Amino Acids, or EAAs for short, serve as essential building blocks for muscular development. Their main purpose is to help your body preserve as much muscle as possible. Each can of Bang Energy contains all 9 EAAs to help support muscle growth and recovery.  

CoQ10? Check!

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an important antioxidant that helps aid proper organ function and chemical reactions in the body. Our energy drinks contain CoQ10 to help promote better heart health and blood sugar regulation

Caffeine? Check!

Caffeine can help increase activity in the brain and nervous system. That’s why all Bang Energy drinks have enough caffeine (300 milligrams to be exact) to help keep you awake, alert, and energized throughout the day.  

Sugar? NOPE! 

Unlike other beverages on the market, we don’t need sugar to make our flavors taste great. We perfected a formula with no sugar, so you don’t suffer a crash later. 

ZERO Calories

Yes, you can drink Bang Energy without any guilt of stacking on extra weight. 

NO Carbs

Not a single one. An absence of carbs in our energy drinks can help calm your stomach, beat sugar cravings, and boost weight loss.  

Artificial Colors? Absolutely NOT!

Bang Energy contains NO artificial colors in any of its beverages.  

Flavors for Everyone

We’re always on the cusp of innovation, which is why we add new flavors to the lineup on a regular basis. Whether your taste buds are calling for something sweet or sour, fruity or chocolate, we have a variety of options to help satisfy your cravings. And, yes, they’re all delicious!  

Now, before you break out the score cards for a taste test on each beverage, here’s a review of the entire Bang Energy flavor gallery (so far):

Bangster Berry

True to its name, this energy drink tastes like a bushel of different berries blended together to create a beverage you’ll treasure with each gulp. Fuel your taste buds with one of the freshest and most exciting flavors in the Bang Energy family. 

Birthday Cake Bash

With a taste and smell that resembles your favorite bakery, Bang Energy presents a flavor worth celebrating. Satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings with each sip (no sugar needed, by the way).

Black Cherry Vanilla

Exquisite and bold, this luscious beverage brings a delight unlike any other. With a little bit of fizz and a rich hint of fruit, you can’t go wrong with this reliable pairing from Bang Energy.

Blue & Yellow Limoncello

Zesty and sweet, this innovative flavor creates a spark of excitement in each drop. Crack open a can of Blue and Yellow Limoncello for our refreshing edition of a popular European treat.

Blue Razz

Bang Energy puts a special touch on a classic fan favorite. Whether you keep this beverage cold or at room temperature, this iconic flavor is sure to electrify your taste buds.

Candy Apple Crisp

We perfected the recipe of a favorite fall-time treat and merged it into a bold and refreshing energy drink. From the rich hint of caramel to the fresh apple foundation, you’re in for something special with this spectacular flavor.


It’s that good stuff you want to pop open at a party. As one of the most unique flavors in the Bang Energy collection, this exciting beverage creates a sweet celebration for your taste buds.

Cherry Blade Lemonade

There’s nothing that hits the spot quite like an ice-cold glass of homemade lemonade on a hot summer day. Bang Energy takes that experience and improves it with a sweet fusion of cherry flavors. See what makes this beverage the best in its class.

Citrus Twist

Be one with the tropics with this exotic flavor rush. If you’re looking for a sweet energy drink that packs a punch, Bang Energy presents a reliable option in Citrus Twist.

Cotton Candy

If you could imagine the taste of cotton candy at a carnival, it wouldn’t even come close to this energy drink. Bang Energy’s Cotton Candy lives up to the hype. Treat your sweet tooth to a theme park of flavors.

Delish Strawberry Kiss

Romanticize your taste buds with the lovely taste of Delish Strawberry Kiss. Smooth and delightful, it’s like being kissed on the mouth by a fresh-baked strawberry-powdered dessert.

Frosé Rosé

Whether you want to kick back with a couple of friends or entertain at a party, Bang Energy has the perfect refreshment for the occasion. Enjoy the stunning taste of our original Frosé Rosé flavor.

Krazy Key Lime Pie

Florida’s most iconic dessert comes alive in this delicious, citrus-flavored energy drink. Get yourself a slice of excellence with Bang Energy’s Krazy Key Lime Pie.

Lemon Drop

With a smooth lemon base along with a mix of other crisp flavors, Bang Energy Lemon Drop brings you a show-stopping experience in every sip. 

Miami Cola

Miami Cola brings you the excitement of South Beach in every can. Inspired by our home in Miami, this refreshing energy drink is infused with a real cola taste, without all the extra fizz.

Nectarine Blueberry

The daring combination of nectarine and blueberry just hits different. What sounds like the great filling options for a cobbler is even more delectable in liquid form. Win your taste buds over with this unique, yet dynamic, duo.

Peach Mango

What’s not to love about Peach Mango? It’s a bold flavor with a festive feel. Light, refreshing, and fun, you’d be hard-pressed to skip out on this amazing citrus blend.

Power Punch

We took the traditional taste of fruit punch and made it so much better. As the name implies, Power Punch packs the power of an incredible assortment of fruit flavors.

Purple Guava Pear

Purple Haze

If you love grape-flavored anything, you can’t go wrong with this unbeatable thirst quencher. Whether you drink it on the rocks or straight from the can, the taste of Purple Haze stays rocking at all times.

Purple Kiddles

We honor our troops with a special military-edition flavor of Bang Energy. Purple Kiddles is full of patriotic vibes to go along with its bold, irresistible taste.

Radical Skadattle

Say it three times fast. Fun, isn’t it? Okay, but really, Radical Skadattle is easily one of the most exciting flavors we have to offer. Rambunctious and adventurous, this energy drink is as crisp as it is spunky!

Raging Raspberry Hibiscus

One of our trendiest flavors, Raging Raspberry Hibiscus makes the perfect impression the moment it hits your tongue. Bang Energy successfully packs the power behind this light and enjoyable flavor profile.

Rainbow Unicorn

It’s exactly what the name implies. Innovative and fun, we went outside the box to bring you this unique collection of flavors. There’s a reason why this can is brighter than most; it’s because the taste brings a spark unlike anything else.

Root Beer Blaze

It’s Root Beer with an edge. We took an iconic American beverage and put a special twist on it. Get an extra jolt of excitement with this tasty and fizzy sensation.

Sour Heads

Perfectly rambunctious, Sour Heads is packed full of adventure. With a taste so lively, this lip-puckering energy drink will leave you coming back for more.

Star Blast

Don’t let the can fool you. While the color scheme certainly gives off patriotic vibes, Star Blast is like a firework display of some of the most amazing flavors.

Strawberry Blast

The second flavor in our military edition collection, Strawberry Blast is as vibrant as it is tasty. Imagine Lady Liberty in a field of freshly grown strawberries. That’s the type of experience you can expect when you crack open this energy drink.

Swirly Pop

A colorful can is not the only memorable feature Swirly Pop has to offer. If you’re seeking out an energy drink with a sweet and entertaining taste, stop by your local retailer to pick up this adventurous flavor.

Whole Lotta Chocolata

Calling all chocolate lovers. Bang Energy transforms the way you taste chocolate with Whole Lotta Chocolata, a flavor even Willy Wonka would be impressed with.  

Whole Lotta Piña Colada

Whole Lotta Piña Colada is an ideal flavor for virtually every vibe. Whether you’re on the go or sitting beachside, this energy drink brings you a little bit of paradise in each sip.

Wyldin’ Watermelon

Nothing hits quite like a nice, juicy slice of watermelon in the summer. Bang Energy delivers that same satisfaction with its incredible Wyldin’ Watermelon flavor.

Other Fan Favorites

Our energy drink collection is definitely best-in-class material, but it’s not the only thing we’re good at. Other popular options in our line-up include these four popular specialties:

Keto Coffee

Love a good cup of Joe, but could do without all the syrupy ingredients and sugar rush? With 20 grams of high-quality protein and 300 milligrams of caffeine, Bang Keto Coffee is a great-tasting, premium coffee drink that will energize and keep you going.  Check out any of our mouthwatering flavors: 

  • Birthday Cake Bash 
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Blast 
  • Cookies & Cream Craze 
  • Heavenly Hazelnut 
  • Mocha Madness 

Sweet Tea

It’s like iced tea, but just way better. We take everything you love from the original Bang Energy lineup (NO sugar, EAAs, CoQ10, and 300 milligrams of caffeine) and brew it in a great-tasting sweet tea beverage. Much like the rest of the energy drinks in our product line, these original iced tea-inspired beverages are fan-favorite, especially for those who prefer no carbonation. The Bang Sweet Tea collection is NOT carbonated, giving you a refreshing and authentic experience with each sip. Enjoy any of our specialty flavors: 

  • Wyldin’ Watermelon Sweet Tea 
  • Blackberry Blast Sweet Ice Tea 
  • Raging Raspberry Hibiscus 
  • Georgia Peach Sweet Tea 
  • Lemon Drop Sweet Tea 
  • Sweet Ice Tea


    If you love the taste of our energy drinks but want to switch to a beverage without caffeine, we have plenty of options that will keep you refreshed. Crack open, sip, and enjoy any of the spectacular flavors in the caffeine-free Bang lineup: 

    • Birthday Cake Bash 
    • Black Cherry Vanilla 
    • Candy Apple Crisp 
    • Chery Blade Lemonade 
    • Cotton Candy 
    • Key Lime Pie 
    • Miami Cola 
    • Purple Guava Pear 
    • Sour Heads

          Find Bang Energy Near You

          The Bang Revolution is taking the world by storm. Whether it’s our energy drinks or any of our specialty beverages, you can pick up Bang at any local retailer. And if your favorite flavor isn’t available in-store, don’t worry, just place an order online. Check out our website, for all the best deals!