Bang Energy Beach Clean-Up

Bang energy team assembled for a beach clean up event in miami

At Bang Energy, we understand there is no plan(et) B, so it’s important we take an active role in protecting our planet. With that said, we are proud to sponsor and participate in many green initiatives throughout our organization, including our Bang Energy Beach Clean-Up events.

On September 16th, 2022, we celebrated International Coastal Clean-Up Day with an interactive Beach Clean-Up Project with local Parks and Rec Departments to clean Hobie Beach in Miami, Florida. Many volunteers came to participate and we were thrilled to see the community impact we had together to make the world a better place.

To make the day special, volunteers enjoyed an intention-setting sunrise yoga session provided by local yoga instructor Maria Alvarez with a breakfast sponsored by Ideal Nutrition. After aligning body, mind, and soul, volunteers rolled up their sleeves with Loggerhead Marine Life Center who provided buckets, reusable gloves, trash pickers, and an interactive educational seminar on the dangers of microplastics and the amount of pollution being dumped into our oceans daily. The organization also weighed the amount of trash collected. 

Throughout the day, volunteers fueled their hardworking efforts with many of our most popular Bang Energy flavors. VOOZ Hydration Sensation was also available as everyone knows that the hot Florida sun is unrelenting, so hydration was of utmost importance. 

Bang Energy takes pride in hosting these events and is committed to making a difference. In fact, Bang Energy annually: 

  • Commits to 97.8% of Plastic-Free Production 
  • Hosts community events such as local beach clean-ups 
  • Uses 23,000+ Miles of Solar Panel Energy
  • Fills 400 Million Aluminum Cans to Cut Waste

    As corporations are a huge contributor to waste and damage worldwide, we are actively improving production and practices to help reduce harm to our planet.

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