Bringin’ the BANG to a beach cleanup near you!

Bringin’ the BANG to a beach cleanup near you!

Pollution Solution: Find A BANGin’ Beach Cleanup Near You!

Begone, plastic pollution! 

Where do people usually swarm to when the weather warms up? Or during the summer months? Beaches, rivers, and lakes – depending on where you live.  

However, when the crowds clear, that same love that brought visitors to their favorite water destinations might not reflect when all that trash is left behind! What’s found are food scraps, cigarette butts, forgotten toys, and the reigning champion of all trash – plastic waste. 

But luckily, hundreds of our BANGin’ supporters volunteer every year for our Bang Energy Beach Cleanup events. From a variety of eco-friendly events, to our environmentally friendly initiatives as a brand, these are just some of the examples that prove Bang Energy is committed to environmental sustainability. 

Jack Owoc, CEO of Bang Energy, believes that environmental conservation requires action, not words. Owoc says, “We lead by decisive action… The time to do something about plastic pollution is today!” 

“Bang Energy cut its plastic usage by 98.7% — and we didn’t need a cute slogan to do it,” Owoc added. 

Do Beach Cleanups Make A Difference?

Have you found yourself picking up a piece of litter at the beach? Most people haven’t, and that’s why more than 14 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year! 

However, at Bang Energy, we are committed to a future of sustainability. Not only are we attacking the plastic pollution crisis at beaches, but we’re hard at work creating eco-friendly communities everywhere. Every year, we orchestrate beach cleanup events in multiple states and this year we are expanding our efforts by adding a Beach Cleanup Cruise to our lineup! 

These environmentally friendly events are a worthy cause for multiple reasons. Not only do they bring people together to focus on protecting the environment, but they also help generate results.  

Here is just a taste of some of what we’ve accomplished thus far: 

  • Over 300 pounds of trash thrown away or recycled 
  • 600 beach cleanup volunteers 
  • Cleaned beaches all the way from the East Coast to the West Cost 

Where and When Can You Find The Next Bang Energy Beach Cleanup Events in 2022? 

Interested in volunteering at our next beach cleanup? Well, we could be coming to a beach near you! 

The Bang Fuel team hosts beach cleanups and beach cleanup cruises, all the way from Florida to South Carolina for anyone that would like to help support our Pollution Solution efforts. Plus, all those who participate will be fueled with Bang Energy Drinks, tons of freebies and good energy! 

  • June 10th – Matheson Hammock Park & Marina, FL
  • June 25th – Venice Beach, Los Angeles, CA 
  • July 1st – Sand Diego Beach, San Diego, CA
  • July 2nd – Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA 
  • July 9th – Galveston Beach, TX  
  • July 16th – St. Pete Beach, Tampa, FL 
  • July 23rd – Riviera Beach, Miami, FL  
  • July 30th – Daytona Beach, Orlando, FL 
  • Aug. 6th – Myrtle Beach, SC 
  • Sep. 16th – Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne, FL 

Got Pollution Solutions? 

Join our mission to help preserve our planet today!  

On World Environment Day, June 5th, Bang Energy is launching a Pollution Solution pledge. We want YOU to help support our launch and pledge to eliminate single-use plastic starting on July 1st

Here are just some of the eco-friendly initiatives we challenge you to incorporate into your day: 

  • Say no to single-use plastics – such as bottled water or soda, individually wrapped snacks, zipper sandwich bags 
  • Use reusable straws and re-fillable cups, dishes, and cutlery 
  • Choose aluminum cans for individual beverages 
  • Save and re-use glass containers (e.g., pasta sauce, etc.) 
  • Ask for paper containers or wrapping for any takeout food or bring a container 
  • Use paper or reusable shopping bags 
  • Recycle any plastic waste 
  • Pick up plastic litter 
  • Support a federal ban on single-use plastic 

Join our mission to save the planet and sign our Pollution Solutions Pledge on June 5th ! #BangPollutionSolution #weCANreduceplastic